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Now we have something else to pin on mixed martial arts. Newspaper columnists have said there's no redeeming social value to MMA. Here you go, pumped up "MMA fans" are now robbing Las Vegas casinos. According to the Las Vegas Sun, a Sin City casino was hit on Sept. 25. The description and grainy photos, sound and look like Joe Average MMA fan:

The man is described as white, 5-foot-10-inches tall with a muscular build, wearing a black Ed Hardy-type baseball cap, a long-sleeved, white Affliction shirt, shorts, black or brown shoes and carrying a dark gray, single-strap book or computer bag.

Where was Phil Baroni on Sept. 25?

See Joe Rogan, every guy who wears MMA-style shirts and gear isn't a little pansy! This guy had the stones to rob a 5,000 room hotel casino. Rumors have it that the casino hit was the MGM Grand. If that's the case, it's the second time this year someone walked into the MGM and was able escape with the loot.

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