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Lombard calls Marquardt a cheater and claims a Bellator showdown won’t happen

Hector Lombard is badly in need of some top-notch competition. The Cuban middleweight dynamo, who's been dominant in Bellator, said he'd love to fight UFC castoff Nate Marquardt. The thickly-muscled Lombard doesn't even care if Marquardt is taking steps via testosterone replacement therapy to possibly gain an advantage.

"I think he is a cheater, but [against] me, he can take all the drugs he wants. I'm going to whoop his ass anyway," Lombard told Sherdog's Savage Dog Show.

The 29-2-1 Lombard has a grasp of reality, knowing he's way off the radar for many viewers of mixed martial arts.

"Nobody respects me at the moment. That's why I want to fight Nate Marquardt and show the people what I can do… He's a big name up there. I'm ready for the challenge. I want to show everybody what I'm capable of doing," said Lombard.

Lombard added that he heard Marquardt was offered a deal by Bellator and turned it down. Bellator's middleweight champ is riding an 18-fight win streak and hasn't lost since 2007.

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