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If you ever looked at the site MMAJacked, you realized in seconds that Chris Greenman was a weird bird. He was the muscled-up dude whose head looked as if it were ready to explode at any moment.

If you're asking, who? I don't blame you. The only reason Cagewriter stumbled upon Greenman was because his buddy Chuck Liddell allowed his former college wrestling teammate, nicknamed "Fraggle", 15 minutes of fame with some exclusive interviews. Well, apparently there has been a falling out between the Iceman and his friend.

Greenman started some other MMA site and is seen in this video making a flippant remark about Liddell using HGH (0:44 mark). Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Someone under the guise of a Columbia Journalism student sent out a goofy email on Wednesday afternoon. The email was so poorly written and riddled with misspelled words, we chose not publish any excerpts.  

This looks like a winning team. The other guy in the video cracks himself with racist remark about Anderson Silva as well (2:45 mark).

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