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Dana White had no interest in defending a second straight clowning performance from Anderson Silva but Chuck Liddell was more than willing to step up.

Liddell said that Thales Leites refused to strike and it becomes frustrating for a striker (1:40 mark):

"[Silva] threw a punch at the air and the guy fell down," said Liddell. "[Silva] was attacking him the whole time." Good job by Fox's Mike Straka, who pushed the issue. Liddell finished by waving his hand at Straka and shaking his head.

Silva was asked if he was bored (pictured looking bored at a presser) by the current opponents being thrown his way. His response was to say that he didn't understand the question. Seems like a pretty straight forward question. Nice job by Fox's Mike Straka pushing the issue.


Silva's manager Ed Soares, who is developing quite the adversarial tone with the media, also snapped during the postfight press conference:

"It takes two people to fight, man. It's not a fight if one guy shows up. Let's go to the next question."

Welcome to the real world. When more and more "real" media cover UFC this is what happens. You dance and prance for twelve rounds in boxing, you get skewered. It's getting a bit old watching Silva sit there with a smirk on his face and act shocked at the criticism.

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