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Boo all you want, Brock Lesnar doesn't give a damn. And even though he's moved over the world of fake wrestling, this isn't an act, he is one scary and surly man. Lesnar brutalized Frank Mir for seven minutes before unleashing 14 unanswered punches to Mir's face while he had him pinned on the ground against the Octagon cage. Referee Herb Dean had to jump in to save Mir before he suffered serious head trauma at 1:48 of the second round.

But the story of the fight came in the moments just after the finish.

Lesnar walked across the cage and got in the dazed face of Mir, "Talk all the [expletive] you want now," he said. The 11,000-plus booed loudly as Lesnar walked away from Mir. Lesnar responded by flipping off the crowd.

There was a lot of trash talk on both sides leading up to the fight. But it seemed to rub Lesnar the wrong way. Mir is a little more eloquent and often described Lesnar as a moron and an oaf who only won because of his size.

Lesnar didn't shy away from utilizing that size. He quickly got the fight to the mat in the opening round and mauled Mir. The 6-foot-4, 275-pounder buried punches into Mir's face as he controlled his left arm. By the end of the first, Mir's face looked like it had already been through five rounds. 

The anger didn't subdied with the comment to Mir. Lesnar really turned it on in the cage with UFC color voice Joe Rogan saying he loved the booing.

"Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his [expletive]. I told him a year ago," Lesnar commenting on his loss in their first fight at UFC 81. Mir submitted Lesnar with a knee bar in the fight. "I pulled it out of him and I beat him over the head with it."

Lesnar went into overdrive: "I'm going to drink a Coors Light. That's right a Coors," Lesnar then looked down at the Bud Light logo on the mat. "Bud Light don't pay me nothing."

Lesnar closed by remarking that he's going to celebrate with friends tonight and that he may even "get on top of his wife tonight."

A very beat up Mir was incredibly humble in defeat:

"He did a good job of neutralizing me in the stand-up. I got against the cage in a bad position, bad move against a guy that big and strong. I guess I still have more stuff to work on."

Lesnar is only five fights into his pro mixed martials arts career but he looks like he could the biggest star in the sport.

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