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Brock Lesnar was mauled by Cain Velasquez on Saturday and now some bloggers and fans are questioning his desire to be a fighter. Are they onto something? He's split his last two fights but took a vicious beating in both. The money could be bigger back in wrestling for Lesnar. Maybe Lesnar's having second thoughts about MMA? These assertions all seemed ridiculous until "The Undertaker" from the WWE pulled his little stunt on Saturday night.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with UFC president Dana White, who threw cold water over all the rumors:

Despite an intense standoff between Lesnar and Undertaker at UFC 121 this weekend -- in which Undie challenged Brock to a fight -- UFC president Dana White tells us, "Brock Lesnar is still under contract with the UFC ...  he is not going to wrestle in the WWE. He cannot wrestle, box or fight anywhere else."

The WWE star broke from an Octagon-side interview (0:43 mark) to challenge Lesnar as he walked back to the locker-room. The short confrontation has got the wrestling world buzzing. Now there are rumors that the WWE wants to or has made a big offer for the former UFC champ to return at Wrestlemania 27 in April.

Yahoo! Sports' Dave Meltzer is a longtime pro wrestling observer and he just doesn't believe a Lesnar return to WWE in 2011 is possible for several reasons. 

Jonathan Kamis from the O.C. Register said that White had some issues with Lesnar after the fight. It couldn't have been over this, right? 

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