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In one of the weirder fights of 2009, Josh Koscheck submitted Anthony Johnson at 4:47 in the second round of the bout that has huge title shot implications at welterweight.

The bizarre nature of the fight began in the first round. When Koscheck was down on both knees, Johnson threw a huge knee, sending Koscheck to the canvas. Johnson was immediately apologetic, as he knew that he had screwed up, but that didn't help as Johnson was deducted a point. After quite a few minutes and a check by the fight doctor, Koscheck returned to the fight to immediately take over the first round, and win the round using wrestling. 

The fight continued to get weird as Johnson, who was reported to be fighting at 200 lbs., was then on the receiving side of two unintentional eye pokes. Johnson is especially sensitive to eye pokes, as he was on the bad end of a terrible eye poke against Kevin Burns, and had to have surgery to correct eye problems.

When Johnson returned to fight, the two started the slugfest fans were expecting until Koscheck took Johnson down and started to ground and pound. He took Johnson's back, and sunk in a rear naked choke with just seconds left in the second round.

After the fight, Koscheck said that he did not believe that Dan Hardy had earned a welterweight title shot. 

"He aint fought nobody like me," Koscheck said after the fight, calling out Dan Hardy, who recently beat Koscheck's teammate, Mike Swick. "Koscheck-Hardy in March! That's the card that sells."

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