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DREAM champion Shinya Aoki is concerned that the future of the Japanese MMA, nay, all of Japan hangs in the balance when he fights Gilbert Melendez on the April 17 Strikeforce card.

If I lose this fight, MMA in Japan is over. Japan will become a colony of the USA.”

And you thought it was only about the Strikeforce lightweight belt! If Aoki loses and the U.S. colonizes Japan, expect to see many more match-ups that have dire consequences.

In each of the many intriguing bouts coming up in the next month and a half, the future of the world depends on the outcome.

-- If Frankie Edgar pulls the upset and beats B.J. Penn this Saturday, Hawaii will be annexed by New Jersey. MTV will immediately start filming  "Honolulu Shore." GTL will now refer to "gym, tan, lei."

-- Paul Daley's bout with Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 is actually a reenactment of the Revolutionary War. A Daley win erases 200 years of history, and the U.S. will revert to being a colony of Great Britain. Tea and crumpets for everyone!

-- If Antonio Banuelos beats Scott Jorgensen at WEC 48, all men who can grow a mustache will be forced to grow the handlebar. A Jorgensen win means hot pink mohawks for everyone!

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