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When there's an Ohio State-Michigan game on tap, you know OSU can't be as fired up for that Illinois game the week before. Quinton Jackson faced the same challenge needing to beat the lesser-heralded Keith Jardine to get a shot at regaining the UFC light heavyweight title he lost last July. What resulted was an odd fight where much of Jackson's aggressive approach was stymied from the get-go by the shuffling, constantly moving Jardine.

It still turned out to be three rounds of nastiness with the fight moving all over the cage. There were moments of slugging in the middle of the ring, dirty boxing, a couple of takedowns and more than few of Jardine's trademark kicks. Jackson never landed that fight changing punch. But he scored with cleaner punching landing a few shots that dropped "The Dean of Mean". Jackson got the unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) at UFC 96 in Columbus, Ohio.

Jackson knew a title shot against Rashad Evans was looming. He said he didn't think he feel the pressure of that fight sitting out there, but he did. Jackson said he got away from his gameplan early and allowed Jardine to dictate the pace.

The Evans-Jackson fight should take place some time this summer.

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