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UFC's disapproval of blogs is well-documented. Some of the biggest MMA blogs: MMAJunkie, MMAMania, Sherdog, FiveOuncesOfPain, FightLinker, BloodyElbow and the outlaw site MMARated are all restricted from covering live events. But maybe that changes after the coverage at Ultimate Fight Night 14 where the general sports blog, TheBigLead was front and center to watch Anderson Silva destroy James Irvin (pictured on the right - thanks to Combat Lifestyle).

TBL had two staffers cageside:

Here’s what’s up - Bucktown Skins Fan and myself are sitting in the front of press row, about 10 feet from the cage - and 4 feet from the Octagon girls. It’s a bit overwhelming. Look for us on television, presumably gawking at said, Octagon girls. For those of you interested - there are three people sitting in between the OG’s and myself. I’m wearing a gray striped shirt and my hair is immaculate. Oh yeah - my shoes match my outfit. I’m straight ballin’ son.

The guys came up with some funny observations:

*Spoiler alert: Steve Mazzagatti shaved his mustache. I am beyond disheartened. Did Steve Mazzagatti even have a mustache? All referees look the same to me.

*Note to self - Avoid Jesse Taylor if I see him out on the town tonight.

*OK - this is unconfirmed, but there is a rather tall man across the room from me who looks a lot like Paul Pierce. And two Vegas 10’s who just shook their asses for him.

*And Dana White just shook my hand. I think that’s my cue to shut this down.

Not only did TheBigLead get credentialed for the event, but word has it that SpikeTV paved the way. The guys mentioned that they stayed at PalmsPlace. That's pretty impressive considering a sample of room rates has a future Friday night stay priced at $499 and a Saturday night at $379. Wow!

The guys need to bone up on their MMA though, they turned in a mediocre 3-3 mark with their fight picks.

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