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Thanks, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. Thanks for setting back every female athlete about twenty years. Thanks for blaming your inability to make weight on menstruation, as if it's unexpected. It's not like you get it, say, every month.

Thanks for throwing out any advances that women have attained on the athletic field. It is already hard enough to get women's fights booked, but now, with your pitiful attempt at making weight, and then blaming it on a woman's problem, makes it seem as if all women are going to have the same problem.

Thanks for not cutting weight smartly. As you noted, women do have different bodies than men. We can't cut weight the same way. The way around that? Start cutting sooner. Don't have such a drastic cut, as you probably shouldn't have such a high starting weight. For that matter, do everything to cut those last pounds. Shave your head, cut off your fingernails, do whatever you need to do to ensure that this will not happen again.

There is no denying that Santos is a fantastic athlete. She won tonight over a smaller Hitomi Akano, a woman who could be an exciting prospect in MMA. Santos could be a pioneer for women's MMA, but her excuses are instead making her an embarrassment. 

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