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Former UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes has made it a point this week to repeatedly mention that he wasn't impressed by Georges St. Pierre's win at UFC 87. Hughes told that he was so bored by the GSP-Jon Fitch fight that he left the Target Center in the third round. Good thing for GSP and Fitch that Hughes wasn't giving out the post-fight awards. The guys each banked 60k for what UFC called Fight of the Night.

Hughes mentions that the Fitch win should take St. Pierre out of the pound-for-pound debate. This seems to be a minority opinion. Of course, the only guy who has lost to GSP twice is the same one saying that the French-Canadian should disappear from the debate.

Curiously, Hughes also mentions that he thought GSP looked smaller. And he wrote the same thing on his blog. (good tip from

"Georges didn’t look as big as he has before and he seemed like he had gotten tired from the first round."

Is this is a thinly veiled attempt at accusing GSP of steroid use?

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