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There's been a great back and forth going with UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre and the former champ Matt Hughes in the aftermath of UFC 87. We mentioned last week that Hughes wrote on his blog and said during a radio interview that he thought the GSP-Fitch fight was boring.

Hughes (pictured on the left w/The Sports Pig & Chuck Liddell) says he has gotten some heat on the web for "disrespecting" St. Pierre. GSP sounded bent during an interview with The Fan 590 when he fired back at Hughes. Hughes responded Monday on his blog by saying:

I never said the GSP fight was boring, the reason I walked out was because I wanted to beat the crowd.

Here is the exact Hughes quote from the radio interview at :41:

"I gotta be real honest though, I was kinda bored with the match."

Hughes also mentioned this blog:

I even had one guy on Yahoo! Sports report that I said that I thought GSP was on steroids. If you go back to my blog and look at what I actually said, I said that I thought that he looked smaller than he has looked before. Never once did I say that GSP was on steroids for this fight. Just goes to show that you can’t trust some of the journalism for the sport out there.

No one on this blog wrote that Hughes SAID St. Pierre was on steroids.

This was the exact line:

"Is this is a thinly veiled attempt at accusing GSP of steroid use?

We may have overstepped a bit in saying that Hughes "accused" GSP of anything. Hughes is correct in saying his repeated comments that St. Pierre looked smaller could've simply been an observation without ulterior motives.

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