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Cage Writer has had its differences with Matt Hughes. Much of it has to do with "reading" into what the former welterweight champ has said in relation to Georges St. Pierre. We addressed this face-to-face with Hughes on the issue of GSP greasing allegations:

"I know the difference between sweat and something else. I'm not saying GSP greased. I'm just saying he was slick. Whether that was lotion he puts on his body the night before that comes through his pores. I'm not saying he didn't anything. The only thing I'm saying is that he was slick the last two times I fought him."

Watch Hughes and Sean Sherk speak to Cage Writer about GSP and greasing:

Hughes also said there's nothing wrong with gaining those extra advantages if it's not in the rule book. Sherk plays it pretty close to the vest and is unwilling to get involved in accusations towards Georges St. Pierre. Both fighters said they don't see fighters actively complaining during fights because there's too much going on in the midst of the battle.

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