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The enormity of what Herschel Walker did last night seemed a bit underappreciated by some mixed martial arts fans. There were complaints of a boring fight from some online critics and more than a few catcalls in the crowd at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. It's hard imagine why.

Walker, 47, did something so many crossover athletes have failed to do in the past. He won his MMA debut, looked like he was in great condition at the end of the fight and most importantly won without sustaining any serious damage. 

"If I had to do it all over, there's a couple of things I would've changed," Walker said. "Being a new fighter you're going to make mistakes. That's what you work on in the gym."

Even though he's approaching 50, Walker sounded like every other first time fighter with regards to slugging it out. 

"I came in wanting to establish the standup but ended up on the floor quite a bit. That was one thing people kept asking, 'how are you going to do on the ground?' I think I did okay on the ground."

Anyone think 41-year-old boxing champion James Toney, who has asked UFC president Dana White to sign him to a contract, would've shown the ground acumen and stamina exhibited by Walker?

Herschel was glad someone took the risk of fighting him in a no-win situation. 

"I want to thank Greg [Nagy]. To give me this opportunity to fight him, in this world here, he didn't have too much to gain. Because if he had beat me, people would've gave him 'i'm old.' He's a tough, tough kid."

Walker was unclear on his future. It's unlikely that he'll take another fight. There ia really no need to. Just like his football career and appearance in the Olympics, Walker proved his point. He's still one of the world's great athletes even at 47.

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