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Dana White is an in-your-face guy so if he has something that's eating away at him, he's going to tell you whether you like it or not. He did so back in August backing dog-fighting NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

"I hope Michael Vick wins the Super Bowl, makes $3 billion and is the greatest comeback story in the history of sports, man,” White told Yahoo! Sports Kevin Iole before UFC 102 in August. “When are they going to stop crucifying this [expletive] guy?"

On Saturday night, White expressed similar sentiments for Wilson Gouveia over the media coverage of Tiger Woods and his infidelity.

"Leave Tiger Woods alone. What he does at home is his business. Or anywhere else," White smirked.

White, a devoted married family man himself with three children, elaborated by calling Jesper Parnevik, the PGA's most outspoken critic of Tiger's womanizing, a douchebag.

"That guy's a two-faced jackass. You think Tiger's wife [Elin Nordegren pictured here without her wedding ring] was upset that he introduced them? I doubt it."

White said he had been thinking about Tiger's "plight" the last few days and decided to throw on a Tiger Woods' hat:

"I don't even watch the news or listen to anything and I'm hearing it. It just gets old. Leave the kid alone. We love to build people up in this country and tear'em down."

White may want to watch the news and do a little more research on Tiger. It's hard to convince me that he's been mistreated or that it's not a story. He allegedly stepped out on his wife with as many as 10 or more women. That sort of dashes the clean-cut image he built over the years which included a book by his father titled, "Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life." He was paid millions by several companies to pitch their product with many of the sales campaigns built around Tiger's integrity, class and dedication.

On Vick, White said the QB had paid his dues by going to jail for nearly two years. What penalty has Tiger paid? It's also a big leap of faith to suggest Tiger's wife Elin should be happy to have met her husband even after being embarrassed worldwide for the last week and for the foreseeable future. No one here is saying adultery is a crime punishable by death. It's seems to be rampant among high powered celebrities, politicians and athletes but to suggest Tiger is somehow a victim in this situation is ridiculous.

Good news for White, straight-laced Lawrence Taylor is one of the other sports celebrities backing Woods:

“Listen I hope he does get back. The first thing I would do if I get back on the golf course, I would go looking for Jesper Parnevik and I would beat his ass. There is a line that you don’t cross over. Not as another player because you don’t know do that," LT told WFAN's "Massive" Mike Francesa.

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