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Dustin Hazelett continues find new ways to show off his jiu-jitsu game. Tamdan McCrory is pretty solid on the ground but he was twisted up badly by a Hazelett omoplata. Hazelett worked the hold for over a minute before ripping free McCrory's arm and finishing with a nasty looking armbar at 3:59 of the first. 

On style points, Hazelett may have stolen away Submission of the Night from Demian Maia an earlier winner over Nate Quarry. Hazelett definitely gets an award for his facial hair, a Kimbo Slice-like beard. However, he does not get Beard of the Fall, that goes to Seth Petruzelli who went as Kimbo for Halloween.

UPDATE: Hazelett did pick up Submission of the Night and a 60k bonus.

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