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It was short but sweet as the fighters gathered with the media for the UFC 105 press conference in Manchester this morning. Michael Bisping, Denis Kang, Dan Hardy, Mike Swick, Brandon Vera and Randy Couture were all featured at the presser. Hardy stole the show when he presented his opponent Swick with a tiny memento of the event, calling it a "runner-up trophy." Swick responded with a laugh:

"I want to thank Dan Hardy for this trophy. It means a lot. Coming runner-up in a press conference is pretty cool. I just want everyone to know that I'm giving this right back to him after the fight. My corner guys will carry it to the Octagon. But I'll keep it for now."

Michael Bisping said he's far from done after his knockout loss at UFC 100 against Dan Henderson:

"I'm still very, very hungry. I'm still trying to work my way up and get to the top. I'm still on a quest, far from done, haven't reached my peak as it were, no way."

With the roster influx of British fighters coming off of Season 9 of "The Ultimate Fighter," Bisping is happy to be on the back burner in the lead-up to UFC 105: 

"It's fantastic to see them on the card. I'm very proud to have them there. It's certainly helped to lighten the burden of interviews. At UFC 70, it was like I did every single interview and it drove me quite mad, to be honest. It's been a little bit easier this time. I haven't had to talk as much which I'm sure some people will be happy about."

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