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When will Melvin Guillard learn? He can't mess with elite fighters on the ground. The New Orleans native was fighting a nice fight until he got lazy for three seconds. That's all it took as Nate Diaz (pictured) caught Guillard in a guillotine choke to finish the fight at 2:13 of the second round to finish off the night at Ultimate Fight Night 19 in Oklahoma City.

Guillard is a great athlete, with solid wrestling and huge power in his hands but his achilles heel at the highest level has consistently been his inability to avoid to submissions. He took a big step up against Joe Stevenson at UFN 9 and again at UFC 79 against Rich Clementi. Both times he was submitted via chokoe. This fight was a carbon copy just a little longer.

Guillard came out with a bang flooring Diaz in the opening 10 seconds of the fight but he never went in for the kill. He used solid foot movement to avoid the stalking Diaz the rest of the round but never really sat down on his punches fearing the takedown.

In the second, for some inexplicable reason he shot in to grab a Diaz leg. It quickly went to the ground where Guillard just laid there on Diaz's chest for a few seconds. A guy with 51 professional fights shouldn't make a mistake like that. It was almost as if Guillard wanted out of the fight. Diaz locked on the choke and Guillard had to tap.

Diaz (11-4, 6-2 UFC) bounces back after two straight losses.

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