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It's a golden opportunity for Jason Guida as he gets to face a potential MMA star before he's really honed his skills. Guida (17-19) says he feels sorry for former WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley (1-0). He thinks this is all too soon for Lashley:

"I feel bad for the dude. He's in a weird position," says Guida referencing the fact that Lashley is at top of tonight's "March Badness" promotion along with boxing Hall of Famer Roy Jones. Jr. in spite of the fact that it's just his second pro mixed martial arts fight. "He's jumping into this thing feet first with no training. He doesn't have five years to go somewhere and learn all this (expletive). In a little way, I feel bad for the guy."

Guida says he may permanently derail Lashley's MMA career:   

"After I take him, he's gonna have to toil (on the lower levels). He's gonna have to go to some different shows. UFC ain't gonna grab him up."

Watch Guida talk about Lashley's weaknesses (4:30):

Guida weighed in at 232 pounds, giving up 19 to Lashley, who he thinks is overmuscled. Guida says Lashley will gas early in the fight.

Friday weigh-in:

As far as a loss killing Lashley's career, Guida knows he's full of it. A Guida win may keep Lashley from fighting for the UFC but a guy with his name and physique will have plenty of dollars waiting for him in the U.S. and Japan unless he loses four or five straight fights. Guida and Lashley face off tonight on the undercard of the Roy Jones Jr.-Omar Sheika fight in Pensacola, Florida.

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