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Tyson Griffin did it again. Some call him a boring fighter but that's hard to understand with what we've seen in his last two battles. At Ultimate Fight Night 18, Griffin stood toe-to-toe with Rafael dos Anjos for 15 minutes and slugged it out. Griffin got the better of the action scoring a unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards) win but dos Anjos earned himself several more fights in the UFC.

Most of the evening at Ultimate Fight Night 18 has been dotted with grappling decisions and quick submissions. Unless something dramatic unfolds in the last two fights, Griffin should get some postight honors.

Griffin had to gut it out in the final two rounds. He was on 1 1/2 legs after getting caught in a leg compression, that UFC color voice Joe Rogan said he'd never seen executed in a match. Dos Anjos had Griffin's left leg trapped, putting major pressure on his quadricep muscles. Griffin used his boxing the rest of the way, throwing at a higher volume and land the harder punches. The leg didn't keep him from also crushing dos Anjos with a bunch of inside leg kicks.

Griffin won Fight of the Night honors at UFC 90 against Sean Sherk his last time out. That got him a $65,000 bonus. In a smaller house with a lower gate, if Griffin and dos Anjos do get the honor, the bonus is more likely to be in the $30,000 range.

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