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Dana White and Jon Fitch have been going at it for the last year. The promoter wants the best fights made, even if it means teammates brawling in the Octagon. The top-five welterweight is dead set against squaring off against his campmate Josh Koscheck. During the UFC 117 prefight press conference, White lobbed another grenade in the battle saying that if Fitch beats Thiago Alves, he will get the next UFC welterweight title shot even if he has to face Koscheck.

Fitch fights Alves on Saturday at UFC 117. Koscheck challenges the champion Georges St. Pierre in December at UFC 124. 

Fitch reacted stoically and was non-committal after hearing White's bold statement. He clearly didn't want to engage in the kind of back and forth that unfolded during the UFC 111 postfight press conference. But on Wednesday, he had plenty to say about the potential matchup versus Koscheck. 

"I try not to think too much about the outside factors. I can't look too much into the future," Fitch during UFC 117 workout day. "All I think about is this fight with Thiago."

That was the politically correct answer, then Brett Okamoto from the Las Vegas Sun pushed the envelope a little more (4:51 mark). 

"From the beginning, our management, our gym, we've always had that mindset," said Fitch. "It's not a new way of thinking. All the best teams in the world throughout the history of the sport have thought the same way. You cannot be successful in this sport without a strong team. Fighting teammates just destroys the team and it's going to negatively impact the whole team."

It sounds like Fitch is digging in. He's already said he'll move to middleweight if Koscheck is the champ. 

Koscheck missed most of Fitch's training camp for UFC 117. Fitch mentioned that he did spend a week on the set of "The Ultimate Fighter" and got to work with his buddy.  

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