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Times are rough for everyone. Especially if you spend without limits. UFC fighter Akihiro Gono is a little off kilter and apparently he doesn't manage his finances very closely. It might be time to give MC Hammer and Mike Tyson a call for a lecture on generosity. Gono, an avid blogger, is a little too nice and has run out of money for the holidays:

"I'm being influenced by the worldwide financial crisis. I took 2 [extra people] to Birmingham at my expense. I paid their accommodation, transportation and meals with my credit card. I came home, was stressed out by losing [to Dan Hardy at UFC 89], and wasted money on shopping to manage my stress. Today, I was shocked to see the invoice from my credit card company. The amount was more than I had in my checking account."

Gono explains in his blog that he got screwed by the exchange rate on the Yen. Now his life sucks. He has no money, no girl and can't even pay for sex:

"I could visit a luxury soapland (a type of brothel in Japan) more than 10 times with the money I lost.  I have no money and no girlfriend this Winter. I'll spend my free time downloading Christmas songs at home."   

Gono says his bad luck even extends to his leisure activities:

"I purchased the PPV of Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao. I laid down on the bed, and waited until their fight started. How stupid of me to fall in sleep while waiting! When I woke up, it was the moment Oscar gave up and walked to Pacquiao." 

That sucks. No doubt the $54.95 could've gone a long way at the brothel.

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