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After dropping bombs on the EliteXC head honchos during his Tuesday UFC 90 video blog, UFC president Dana White turned his attention to radio guy Scott Ferrall. Ferrall, from Sirius Radio, was criiticizing the UFC earlier this week. Ferrall's show was a regular for several UFC events last year and in studio it featured many UFC/WEC guests. Then abruptly Ferrall disappeared from UFC events. White explained why:

"For a while there we were paying Ferrall to come to the shows and cover the UFC fights. He'd talk about (the events) the week before. Then he came back to us saying he wanted more money. I didn't like the way he handled it so we stopped using him."

White didn't stop there as he unloaded on Ferrall for being critical of the UFC:

"Ferrall you (expletive) clown. Just because you're not getting a paycheck anymore now you don't like MMA. You (expletive) goofy crankhead (expletive)."

On Monday, Ferrall had a guest on that he claimed was from Affliction and fired away at the UFC asking if the Brock Lesnar v. Rancy Couture fight will be fixed to allow Lesnar to win. Ferrall pointed to the E60 Lesnar piece as evidence:

"You might as well have called it 'Lesnar's going to be the heavyweight champion once we fix the fight' cause that's their plan."

Click below to listen to Ferrall talk UFC with the 'Affliction T-Shirt Guy - NSFW (Sirius Radio):

Ferrall also suggested that Lesnar is using steroids.

"Do you think that guy's clean? How can anyone be that big?"

Apparently, the rift began late in the summer of 2007. The UFC was advertising with Sirius and an issue arose when Ferrall accepted a job to be the ring announcer at Yamma Pit's sole event. The two sides traded angry word and the UFC ceased working with Ferrall. Oddly though Zuffa-owned WEC continued to work closely with Sirius.

Is White confused? Was the UFC paying Ferrall directly or simply advertising with his employer? These are two distinctly different scenarios. Every sports league has a chance to compromise a media outlet's coverage by using its advertising power. There's no doubt that the NFL uses that power everyday.

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