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It must be bizzaro day in the world of MMA. Everything is backwards. Strikeforce is taking shots at UFC and UFC's president Dana White has no reaction. Showtime/Strikeforce announced today via press release that its first card featuring Fedor Emelianenko will be held on November 7. Even better, it will mark the return of MMA to CBS. MMAWeekly first posted the story this afternoon. This was another clear attempt to steal a little bit of UFC's thunder during one its fight weeks. It did the same by announcing the shocking signing of Fedor the week of UFC 101.

Shortly after the close of the UFC 103 press conference, White was told about the CBS show:

"If you look at all the competition that has tried to come after us in the last five years, do you think Strikeforce and Showtime are the ones that are going to make a difference. Showtime has been second rate at everything they've done," told Cagewriter.

White has long standing issues with Showtime's executives:

"When talk to these Showtime executives they are the most cocky, arrogant, pompous [expletives]s you've ever met in your life. If they were like and had something to be cocky and arrogant about, that would be one thing. They're second rate in television, they've been second rate in boxing and they're going to be second rate in mixed martial arts. We're going to kick Showtime's ass."

White says CBS wants to be in the business and the UFC has talked them but the right deal has never come along. He questions whether Strikeforce is making any money doing this.

Using Chris Mortensen-like verbage, AOL Fanhouse later in the afternoon that it had "confirmed" the story. Michael David Smith did speak to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, who said he'd announce the site of the event next week. It'll be in a big city, in a big venue.

Rumors have swirled for awhile about Washington D.C. being a possibility. Roman Modrowski from reports that Strikeforce is in talks with the Illinois Commission about holding the event at the Sears Centre.

The card sounds like it'll be power-packed with Fedor facing Brett Rogers along with appearances by Gegard Mousasi, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, Jason Miller and Jake Shields.

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