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It's all quiet on the UFC front when it comes to a public statement about Rampage Jackson's arrest. Slight correction on that, it's quiet with the sports and MMA media.

UFC President Dana White (pictured) did make his first comments on the Rampage situation on KLOS' Mark and Brian Show.

He appeared on the Los Angeles morning show and boy am I glad we heard was an absolute abortion.

I understand that FM radio is appealing to a broad audience but the guys didn't ask about Jackson's Tuesday arrest until a caller brought it up at 4:52 of the interview. Here is what White said:

"I'm actually here right now, I'm in Southern California. I've been dealing with this all day yesterday. I haven't really gotten to the bottom of this yet. I don't know what I'm going to do about it yet. Last night when he got out, Rampage is very religious...yeah, I'm dealing with it."


The hosts did ask if Rampage would be fined:

"It's not really about a fine," said White. "At the end of the day, we care about these guys. A lot of these guys are our friends. I want to find out what's wrong with Rampage and get him taken care of."

As I was listening, I figured let's cut Mark & Brian some slack, maybe they didn't know about the Jackson incident. That was wrong. One of the hosts, explained immediately after White's response that Rampage had been arrested the day before. So they knew about it and didn't ask!!

The event happened in Los Angeles, THE SITE OF THE SHOW!! And if a story is on, any FM show worth anything is going to ask about it. We know that White was on to promote Ultimate Fight Night 14 but you can at least ask about the incident. Even the non-sports, non-MMA fan's interest is piqued when they hear about an athlete eluding the police and being arrested at gunpoint. White answered two questions and the show moved on from the topic 66 seconds later.

Make sure you listen to the end of the clip, where Mark & Brian commit a huge radio faux pas. They ask for random callers and decide that White should ask the callers trivia questions. White asked who the UFC light heavyweight and lightweight champions were. Three callers drew a blank and another hung up. Mark & Brian were so flustered and embarassed that they closed the interview by promoting this weekend's "Ultimate Fighting Challenge 86" and then called White, "Jeff."

Mark & Brian have been huge players in the radio business for a long time, this may be proof that old radio guys are often lazy radio guys. The lack of preparation was embarassing.

You can listen to the entire White interview here. He also talked about recently winning $375,000 at the blackjack tables.

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