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Someone call Bob Arum so he knows to check out the main event at UFC 114 featuring two more midwestern white dudes who wrestle. Wait a second, that's certainly not the case with two African-Americans, Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, squaring off. It's a pretty significant moment for the UFC as guys from Memphis and the Buffalo area square off. Nothing close to the "skin-head white dudes" that Arum thinks litter MMA (video - 4:44 mark). It also means more and more blacks are getting into MMA, which has a chance to expand the fanbase.

On this week's UFC 114 teleconference, Evans seemed to suggest that the fighters need to be careful with the image they project. After Jackson joked with ESPN's Franklin McNeil that he should stop using big words, Evans went off when he told someone why he doesn't like Rampage (1:38 mark).  

"He just says ignorant stuff. It's like that last comment," said Evans.
"You perpetuate stupidness. 'Oh don't use those big words, I don't know what that is,' mother[expletive], you're not stupid, stop acting like you're stupid. Stop acting like just because you black, you stupid. I can't stand that attitude."

Evans said it's all part of a silly persona Rampage puts forth (1:58 mark). 

"He does this little sambo thing. 'Oh black on black crime, oh I'm stupid. You can't use big words like that.' Like you don't know what the [expletive] is going on? Come on dude. I talked to this dude. This dude is pretty smart. He knows what's going on. 'Oh, it's comedy.' But why perpetuate the stereotype that you stupid?" 

Those were interesting comments by Evans that could lead to an intelligent conversation about stereotypes. Instead Rampage turned to Arum's homophobic material. 

"Why you act all cocky and all fake? Be playing with your nipples and act all gay," said Jackson. "Why do you play up the stereotype of a black gay man?"

Then Jackson asked Evans why he wears tiny shorts into the Octagon when he fights.

"Cause you gay. You play with your nipples," said Jackson.

Evans wasn't the only target of Jackson's homophobic rant. Then he turned his attention to one of Evans' training partners, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal.

"That's why Queen Mo and you train with each other. He got nipple rings," said Jackson.

Rashad took the bait and fired back.

"I'll put my big balls in your face. Now that sounds gay. My big balls right in your face," said Evans."

"I bet you get an [expletive] from it too," said Jackson. 

"I probably will. But it'll be okay, cause it'll be in your mouth," said Evans. 

Very nice. Well, if you didn't agree with Evans' comments about black stereotypes then he certainly opened up a discussion about sports and the way it views homosexuality. Trash talk is fine, but when it gets to this sort Jeremy Shockey or Tim Hardaway level, it's too much. 

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