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He's the scariest guy in the UFC. Between his entrance song and his devastating finishing power (all eight UFC wins by KO or submission), no one else oozes that feeling that something bad is going to happen to his opponent like Anderson Silva yet the 34-year-old UFC middleweight champ doesn't do much talking and isn't very intimidating outside the cage. At UFC 97, it's been a little different. Silva stared down (0:31 mark) a few inquiring minds in attendance at the UFC 97 press conference and had pointed words for two French Canadian fighters.

On whether the talk of a Georges St. Pierre fight was getting annoying:

"It doesn't bother me too much. I'm focused on this fight. As far as Georges St. Pierre, that problem will be dealt with a little bit later."

Silva was also asked if he would give Patrick Cote a rematch:

"You should ask Cote if he really does want to fight me again."

White was a wowed a little by the comment and said Silva was laying the smack down. Cage Writer grabbed Silva after the presser to ask if he was turning it up a notch with the stern talk to sell himself more (2:10 mark):

As always Silva was coy in trying to throw us off his scent, saying none of the trash talk was an effort to make himself a more feared "character." But his response about people calling him out for fights was golden:

"I believe that people being a lot more respectful may keep their teeth in their mouth."

Love it! That's the way the "baddest man" in MMA should be speaking. Silva reserved that talk for potential future opponents. He's had none of that kind of talk for his Brazilian opponent Thales Leites showing nothing but respect for Leites' game and his chances in the fight.

Join Cage Writer for live for fight-by-fight updates for the entire card on Saturday night. Listen after UFC 97 is complete as Cofield and Ariel Helwani from do the ESPNRadio1100 postfight show from the Bell Centre starting at 1:30 a.m. ET. You can listen here.

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