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Breaking news: The Philadelphia Eagles, who have made several big splashes in the NFL's shortened free agency signing period, have added UFC champs Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar to their roster. The two are expected to anchor the offensive line.

Eagles add Dominick Cruz and Frankie Edgar to ‘Dream Team’

Just kidding, of course. Edgar and Cruz, the UFC lightweight and bantamweight champs, stopped by the Philadelphia Eagles training camp at Lehigh University. They met fight fans Asante Samuel and Michael Vick (above) and also Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

"I've been a football fan forever, and this was an incredible experience," Cruz told Cagewriter through a press rep. "To meet athletes like Michael Vick and Asante Samuel was unreal. Knowing that the Eagles players and Coach Reid are big UFC fans is really cool."

Vick has been to previous UFC events, and said in a Dana White video blog from June that he plans to attend UFC 133 this Saturday in Philly.

This isn't Edgar's first visit to an NFL practice, as he gave his favorite team, the New York Jets, a pep talk before a pivotal win in November. No word on if Edgar talked trash to Vick and Samuel about the Jets Dec. 18 visit to Philadelphia.

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