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Kimbo Slice just can't shake the thug label that Elite XC worked so hard to plant on him. We've heard countless stories of what a great dude Kimbo is and then comes a doozy from Ultimate Fighter 10 castmate Justin Wren. When Wren was asked about "the beard contract clause" stories that emerged yesterday, he suggested Kimbo laid down the law early on with a story from training sessions at American Top Team in South Florida (2:15 mark):

"He got arm-barred and Kimbo really doesn't like to tap. He didn't tap and the guy hurt his arm so he came back in there with a gun," Wren told TapouT radio. "Cops were called and everyone went nuts."

Wren said he heard the gun part straight from Kimbo's mouth. Did it happen or was a little mind game played so Kimbo didn't become a victim of any TUF house shenigans?

"We didn't want to necessarily mess with Kimbo's beard."

Listen below to Wren on TapouT radio:

Wren did say he thought Kimbo was a great guy and that he made some of the best steaks he's ever had. The Texan also chimed in on why Kimbo appears to have learned nothing from his past days training Bas Rutten (1:09 mark).

Listen here for the entire Wren conversation.

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