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Nick Diaz is a true mixed martial artist and wants everyone to know what that means. After gassing and then dismantling Frank Shamrock on Saturday night, Diaz was asked about the guy who last beat Shamrock. Cung Le is a kickboxer, who is off to a 6-0 start in his transition to MMA: 

"Cung's not a complete fighter as far as I'm concerned, at least from what I've seen," said Diaz. "I feel like it's time for him to fight a real MMA fighter. It's not that Frank Shamrock isn't a real MMA fighter, he's (just) old school."

Diaz normally fights in the 160-170 range stepped up to meet Shamrock at 179 showing he'll fight anyone, anywhere. Diaz possesses a fighter's spirit. He's not sure that Le possesses the same quality:

"I'd love to see how (a Cung Le fight) would turn out but I hear he's retired."

Le was involved in several movie projects in 2008 including Fighting, set to be released next week. He told Cage Writer he's going to return later this year. Strikeforce was looking for a Le-Shamrock rematch. That may be in question with how bad Shamrock looked against Diaz.

Diaz also called out Japanese legend Hayato Sakurai, suggesting that Shinya Aoki's effort was pathetic. He also said repeatedly that K.J. Noons will never fight him in a rematch. Diaz lost that 2007 fight because of a cut now he says Noons is running from him by entering the boxing world.

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