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How relevant is TIME Magazine anymore? It's a fair question, right? If you're married to the Internet as your main source of information, do you ever seek out TIME? That's what I thought. Which makes TIME's attempt at naming the World's Most Influential people an interesting feature. TIME came out with its own list while allowing Web viewers to vote on their own top 100. According to the TIME staff, Serena Williams, Didier Drogba and Phil Mickelson were the only sports figures who were influential enough to make the list. 

Believe it or not, in the online voting by viewers of, UFC president Dana White was No. 2 amongst sports figures and No. 16 overall. White got over 50,000 votes and only Roger Federer finished ahead of him on the reader list. He also finished ahead of Tiger Woods, Apolo Ohno, Manny Pacquiao, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lindsey Vonn, Thierry Henry and Kaka.

White also made the short video getting a pop along with Betty White and paleontologist Tim White.


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