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Remember how just last week, UFC president Dana White cut Miguel Torres for making a rape joke? And reprimanded Rashad Evans for using the Penn St. child abuse case in trash talk? White said at the time that Torres' remark about a rape van is not funny and disturbing.

Yesterday, White responded to a follower who was clearly trying to bait him by making a prison rape joke. (Click the link above for the uncensored tweet.)

Dana White responds to Twitter troll with prison rape joke

"Dicker410" is inexcusable. He said that White's death would be great, which is a hair shy of a death threat. But in responding to this troll with a joke about prison rape, White lowered himself to Dicker410's level.

Anyone with a profile in MMA has been baited by someone hoping for an explosive response. I'm a lowly writer in the sport, and it happens to me daily. You have to learn not to take the bait and give the troll the response that he or she wants. You definitely have to learn not to respond with jokes about rape.

When asked about a code of conduct for his fighters, White said that sometimes he needs a code of conduct for his actions on Twitter. It's simple, Dana. Don't respond to trolls, and hold yourself to the same standards as your athletes.

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