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This is the last thing Dana White wanted to hear. Chuck Liddell got his competitive juices flowing again on Dancing With the Stars. The former UFC light heavyweight champ made a nice run but his "Dancing Bear/Dancing Hippo" act wore thin. What's next? You know what's next:

"But I do want to get back to doing something that I know I'm good at," Liddell told I had to go back to the gym every once and a while just to let myself fell good about myself. Like, 'Hey, I'm still good at something, because I'm really not good at [dancing].'"

I'd suggest that Liddell make a life out of competing for women on the club, but I don't think Chuck will have to "win" over many chicks. DWTS has done that for him. I also don't think he means getting more usage out of that accounting degree from Cal Poly. How soon can we see Liddell back in the Octagon and against whom?

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