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Kazuyuki Miyata, who walked away from Dream 11 with a featherweight win, apparently needs to be very, very tan to win. Very tan. Come up with a good caption in the comments, and you'll win a bucket of Banana Boat sunblock. OK, you won't actually win a bucket of Banana Boat sunblock, but you will win the admiration of all your fellow commenters. Read on for winners from our last create-a-caption.

Check out the full gallery of pictures from Dream weigh-ins on Combat Lifestyle

First place: Zach attempts a 'round the world' KO.....He didn't make it out of his driveway.  -- Robert C

Second place: "What's with the punches? I thought this was a tango competition!"  -- Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Third place: "and Stretch Armstrong get's tagged by another shot!"  -- KB24

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