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Randy Couture is coming back to the UFC for a major fight on Nov. 15. Brock Lesnar's big victory over Heath Herring must've piqued the interest of the exiled heavyweight champ, right? Couture's wife, Kim said the fight against Lesnar wasn't Randy's idea at all. She said it was the UFC's idea all the way. Once the fight was presented, Couture jumped at the opportunity to take on the explosive but inexperienced Lesnar.

"It's surprising to me, shocking that they'd throw a guy in there with only three fights. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He poses some interesting problems but that's what Randy is good at, is taking care of those problems. He's no bigger or tougher than (Gabe) Gonzaga or Tim Sylvia."

Kim also said the couple hasn't even seen the Lesnar victory over Herring yet.


She also threw out another interesting nugget in saying that there really is no major blockade to making a Randy v. Fedor Emelianenko fight. The prevailing thought was that UFC would have to work something out with Fedor's current employer, Affliction. According to Kim, that's not the case.

"When Fedor signed the contract (with Affliction) it was cut out in the contract that they get him for a certain number of fights not including the Randy Couture fight. He's free to fight Randy wherever, whenever."

Randy left Las Vegas for the New York area on Tuesday night. He'll be doing a brief media tour to promote the Lesnar fight. That includes an appearance today on ESPN. From there, he'll head to Atlanta where he is cornering Martin Kampmann for his fight against Nate Marquardt at UFC 88.

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