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Condit let down, but still focused on St. Pierre and the beltCarlos Condit has been through a roller coaster while preparing UFC 137. He started out by preparing for a bout with B.J. Penn. After Nick Diaz's no-show for multiple press obligations, Condit was given the title shot. Today, he found out Georges St. Pierre was injured, and that Condit's title shot would have to wait until December or January.

Still, Condit told Cagewriter that he's not angry about the turn of events.

"It's a letdown, but it's the nature of the sport. I'm going to stay positive, keep training, and be even better when the fight comes."

He said taking another fight in the meantime just doesn't make sense.

"Nothing's been offered, and me and my manager discussed it, and taking another fight doesn't make sense on a lot of levels. As far as my career goes, it doesn't make sense, from a money standpoint, it doesn't make sense."

GSP's injury will not keep him out of training for too long, so Condit will wait for GSP and the title shot.

"In this situation, Georges isn't out six or eight months or anything like that. He's sprained his knee. It's going to be a short recovery, and hopefully we'll be able to get this thing done, and get in the cage by the end of the year, or early next year at the latest."

Both Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck hinted that they would be ready to take the fight, but Condit is focused on the belt.

"I have the opportunity to fight for the title, and I have my heart set on Georges. When and if I beat Georges, I'll take on Ellenberger. I'll give him a rematch. I'll fight anyone, but right now, I have my heart set on Georges."

In the meantime, Condit will not change his training routine.

"My job is to get up every day and go to the gym and train, and improve my skills, and improve myself as a fighter. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'll be able to eat a little bit more, and enjoy not so strict of a diet, but that's about the only difference. "

What will that cheat food be?

"Pizza or enchiladas," Condit said with a laugh.

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