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Dana White is confused. With Chael Sonnen facing a possible two-year ban from fighting, the UFC president looked at past penalties handed down by commissions like the one in California and sees some inconsistencies, especially with boxers.

"Let me ask you a question, Floyd Mayweather's been running around town punching everyone in the face and threatening people and doing all this stuff. Watch how fast Floyd Mayweather gets licensed," said White (6:56 mark).

Mayweather's involved in several legal battles. One involves multiple felony counts for an alleged incident with a former girlfriend. A bouncer from Drai's on the Las Vegas strip is also suing Mayweather for alleged altercation, and the former pound-for-pound king is further involved in several legal battles with his community's homeowners association and security guards.

White then turned his attention to the CSAC's action with boxer Antonio Margarito.

"If you look at boxing man, there's been situations where guys have put weapons inside their hands and fought another human being," White said. "There's been instances where people have assaulted other people in the ring."

In his first attempt to regain his license, Margarito was also turned down by the CSAC. He scurried off to Texas and was allowed to fight Manny Pacquiao in the U.S. after 17 months away.

By lashing out at a commission, White knows he's walking on dangerous ground.

"It's a touchy subject for me," White said. "If you're dumb enough to do something to get in trouble, you gotta face the consequences. This guy did some dumb stuff, he manned up and he was punished. Once that sentence is over, it's over man."

White tensed up when asked if Sonnen did this to himself.

"What happened with Chael Sonnen? Chael Sonnen has a big mouth. Chael Sonnen says a lot of dumb [expletive]. When you get to the point where a guy serves his sentence and now you're stopping a guy, his ability to make a living? What happened to Chael Sonnen is insane. It's unjust. It's unfair."

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