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Chael Sonnen has talked a lot the last two weeks. He's had more than a few fighters in his verbal crosshairs. Strangely enough, his opponent Nate Marquardt hasn't been one of them. Maybe Sonnen felt like it would be an unfair verbal fight "Nate the Great" was unlikely to fire back. Marquardt is one of the more quiet and respectful fighters but he didn't hesitate to take a mild shot at Sonnen at on Thursday.

After the UFC 109 press conference, Marquardt said he talked to Mark Coleman, who pointed out that Sonnen spoke highly of him when they were sitting next to each other at the presser. But two weeks ago it was a different story. Coleman knew that Sonnen had cracked on him during an interview with MMAWeekly radio.

"When you look at a guy and try to find his weaknesses, it's really tough with [Marquardt]," Sonnen told Damon Martin. "But I think the same can be said for everybody that's thet top bill on a UFC card ... with the exception of Mark Coleman, he's a bum." 

Below are the before and after comments about Coleman:

We're big Sonnen fans here at Cagewriter. He makes the job fun and easy but it appears he got nailed here. Or can one say that he's a fan of someone and still call them a bum? 

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