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At UFC 39, Ricco Rodriguez and Tito Ortiz show off their championship belts. Rodriguez won his by defeating Randy Couture to pick up the vacant heavyweight championship, but gave it up in his next bout, a loss to Tim Sylvia, and fought his last fight in the Octagon at UFC 45. Ortiz -- whose belt looks totally awesome with his black jeans -- kept his belt a smidge longer, but still is persona non grata in the UFC. Take a shot at the caption in the comments, and read on for readers from last week's create-a-caption.

First place: Brock searches the crowd for a ladder or steel chair to finish off his opponent.  -- AdamG

Second place: Wow....look at that long line of fools who actually had to work for a title shot...Suckers! -- Brandon T

Third place: Where is Dana White with my dignity? -- DCL

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