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Ray Sefo is a brave man. He's got 75 kickboxing matches on his ledger including this month when he faced off against two of his most intimidating opponents, 7-foot-3 Hong Man Choi and some fat woman at UFC 91. 

Two weeks ago, Sefo beat the 360-pound Korean freak. He crushed Choi to the body and shredded the big guy's legs with kicks. He fought with no fear. Can you blame him? He prepped for the fight by taking a shot from a heavyweight in the crowd at UFC 91. Sefo didn't engage in any violence but when some loudmouth woman started screaming at the K-1 fighter, the crowd went ballistic attacking her and her boyfriend. Sefo is the big guy in the dark blazer. The guy who gets thrown by the police actually had a choke hold on the woman's boyfriend.

Cage Writer caught up with Sefo and he talked about what led up to the melee.

Sefo also talked about Kimbo Slice potentially fighting in K-1. A native of New Zealand, Sefo, 37, is thinking about a switch over to mixed martial arts so he's training at Xtreme Couture. He said he loves the learning experience of working on submissions and wrestling.

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