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Just before the holiday weekend, UFC contender and first class heel Chael Sonnen returned to "Off the Record," the Canadian television show that saw Sonnen storm off the set during his last appearance. Though this appearance wasn't as eventful, Sonnen still delivered another classic interview.

It's worth watching the entire 12-minute clip, but if you're crunched for time, watch the beginning two minutes to see Sonnen and host Michael Landsberg discuss Sonnen's last appearance, then skip to the nine-minute mark to hear Sonnen call out UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

Jones responded via Twitter, "Someone tell Chael he knows where I'll be waiting."

Landsberg also calls out Sonnen's act as the interview draws to a close, which appears to flummox the self-described champ. Would you like to see Sonnen take on Jones? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

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