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Kimbo Slice, CBS, EliteXC and Ken Shamrock all have a lot on the line during the Oct. 4 show in Fort Lauderdale, but maybe not as much as Gina Carano. There aren't any other big-time spots for women's fighting. Carano wants to put on a huge show and make sure that EliteXC survives. If CBS dumps the whole thing and the promotion folds, where do sizable future paydays for women fighters come from?

A nice-sized media contingent covered Thursday's open workouts at Legends Gym where covered Carano's sesson.

Much of the video features Carano speaking with Jim Hill from CBS 2 in Los Angeles. She comes off as very humble and down to earth. Carano does a nice job of dispelling Hill's notion that all mixed martial artists fight to simply "beat people up." She also says she has a lot in common with Kimbo Slice.

Carano won't exactly be destitute if EliteXC folds. She's making a healthy living from American Gladiators and her endorsements. But from the fight end, only the American Fight League appears to be a high-end option for female fighters. And even that is in doubt. The AFL still doesn't have any official fight lineups announced.

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