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It was another embarrassing fighting exhibition for Jose Canseco. Or was it? Canseco agreed to travel to Arkansas to take on 60-year-old Gary Hogan in a boxing match. The former major league slugger plodded his way through four rounds and lost a 39-37 decision to Hogan, an associate athletic director at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock. "Rock 'em Sock 'em Rumble by the River" went down at Dickey-Stephens Park before the Arkansas Travelers-Midland Rockhounds Double-A baseball game.

It looks like the snitch that sports fans love to hate showed a little heart. Frankly, it didn't look like Canseco, 46, was really trying. Although in the prefight and postfight, Hogan broke down the fight like it was real.

"He did [throw his heavy artillery at me]," said Hogan. "I took some shots but the bottom line is, I'm used to taking shots. I felt good in there. I wasn't tired, my conditioning was unbelievable. I thought he got tired there in the third and fourth rounds."

Hogan came in at 191 pounds while Canseco was 240. The fight was put together to benefit Ray Rodgers' boxing gym and GED program in Little Rock.

"It's an exhibition. I had a great time. I've gotta a lot of respect for Gary. Just coming out here and fighting a guy 15 years his junior, he's got some [guts]."

Canseco was paid for the fight.

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Canseco is still seeking an MMA fight against former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker. He made a big push a few months back and even spent time at a renowned Northern California MMA gym. But all of his calling out and self-promotion did nothing to convince Walker or the promotion he fights for, Strikeforce, to make the fight. 

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