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Boxer James Toney believes he's a commodity and could be a huge pay-per-view draw in the mixed martial arts world. He's shown a dogged determination in tracking down a meeting with UFC president Dana White going from Boston to Memphis and last night here in Las Vegas to try and get that exlusive sit down.

Toney, a boxing champ in six different weight divisions with 11 world titles, said he would like to fight in the UFC.

"I'm here. We can do this. I was waiting for [Dana White] to give me a call and quit dodging me," Toney told Ariel Helwani from AOL FanHouse. "This will be the biggest fight ever, period. The biggest event."

White said he's open to talking to the 41-year-old Toney.

"Of all the guys they've tried to bring [over] from boxing, either guy who were shot or too old. James Toney is the real deal," White told Rogers SportsNet's Joe Ferraro. "He's a nasty, mean dude. We're going to sit down and talk tonight."

Toney said he loves the UFC and he's not about to speak badly about it. Although he did call Kimbo Slice, "Simba" and said he's a sideshow.  

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