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If your MMA experience has been limited to the UFC, you may not know why the Mark Coleman/Maurico "Shogun" Rua match-up for UFC 93 is getting so much build-up. After all, though he is a UFC Hall-of-Famer, Coleman hasn't fought since he lost to Fedor Emelianenko in 2006, and Rua hasn't lived up to his expectations since coming to the UFC from PRIDE. Well, here's why this fight is a huge deal:

Rua and Coleman's fight for PRIDE in February of 2006 started a feud between Coleman and all Chute Boxers. After Rua had severely hurt his arm, Coleman keeps fighting, despite having the referee appended to his leg like Jeff Van Gundy. Rua's brother and corner man, Murilio, began to shout at Coleman, and then all hell broke loose.

Phil Baroni, Coleman's teammate and corner man, gets involved, as does Rua's Chute Boxe teammate, Wanderlei Silva. After the fracas was broken up, Coleman was declared the winner and both camps headed backstage. Coleman tried to apologize, but Silva and the Chute Boxe camp wouldn't take it. Silva claimed that Coleman stepped on Silva's face. Both sides vowed a rematch, and now, three years later, it will happen.

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