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There's nothing like a little morning BJJ from MMARated. The outlaw site continues its awkward relationship with UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste and Ariel Helwani. This time around they took the beauty out to a Las Vegas jiu-jitsu gym to get in some ground work with another hot chick a top notch Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor, Jenny Cipili.

Just a guess, the next Arianny video we'll see will feature Arianny's boyfriend UFC lightweight Roger Huerta breaking Helwani's neck. The kid's a real smart aleck and his questions were obviously designed to stump Arianny!

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This was as close as we could get to NSFW without crossing the line. And it is now No. 1 as far girl-on-girl jiu-jitsu videos. Arianny v. Jenny surpasses the previous favorite featuring's Joanne.

This video did accomplish one thing, we found the dorkiest MMA fan on god's green earth. The first response to the video on MMARated was this doozy:

wow, i would wonder what a hell she has been doing all this time..... i mean shes at every ufc event and shes got no clue of whats going on... sad.. but watever.. i guess when ur that hot bjj is not shes just like laying there and that mica girl is all over her... ive seen noobs at my gym sink in triangles and stuff arryanny should pay more attention to the fights.

Something called Dominicano wrote that. Sarcasm? I'm thinking not. That's sad. For the other 1.5 billion men out there let's hope there's more "hardcore" jiu-jitsu vids on the way from MMARated, Team Mica BJJ in Vegas, Arianny and Jenny!

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