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Houston Alexander got ripped heavily for his final UFC performance. The generally hard-charging Alexander ran most of his fight against Kimbo Slice at "The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale". He got trashed by fans and even UFC president Dana White. Tonight, against the much bigger Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, he went a long way in restoring his tough guy reputation. Alexander came back from a vicious beating in the first, allowed Sokoudjou to tire himself out and then finished the "African Assassin" with his own nasty attack in the second. Referee Steve Armstrong saved the helpless Sokoudjou at 1:31 of the second round at Shark Fights 13 in Amarillo,Tx.

The 38-year-old Alexander has now won two straight after losing 5-of-6.

"I don’t know about you guys at home, but that was a big dude. We got conditioned for this fight. We knew it was going to be a tough fight," said Alexander

Alexander (11-6) took the right approach. He maxes out at around 210 pounds while Sokoudjou is naturally 230. Unfortunately he had to take a beating early in the fight to really test Sokoudjou's stamina. Less than 90 seconds into the bout, Sokoujdou drilled Alexander with a left hook that floored the Nebraskan. From there, Alexander held on for dear life. He really did, grabbing Sokoudjou's leg. That left him open for Sokoudjou to land a few dozen shots to the face and side of his head. Alexander stayed active enough to ward off the stoppage and more importantly make Sokoudjou use a massive amount of energy.

Alexander came out for the second still looking a bit wobbly but it was clear Sokoudjou's gas tank was on empty. Holding his hands low, he was an easy target. Alexander backed him up with a combination followed by a big knee. Smelling blood, Alexander let loose five overhand rights that put Sokoudjou on his butt. Another 14 shots and he fell to his side. The fight was over but Armstrong allowed Alexander to get off an incredible 42 unanswered shots in roughly 20 seconds before stopping it.  

"I seen him panting a little bit. But I was conditioned," said Alexander when he was asked why he went on the attack.

Alexander, a huge striker, is still relatively new to the game and pretty limited when it comes to ground work. He became a fan favorite in 2007 when he stormed to a pair of upset wins in the UFC. When other fighters realized that Alexander was basically helpless on the ground, things went south. Sokoudjou (9-7-1) was the perfect matchup if he could withstand the Cameroonian's power early in the fight.

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