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It doesn't get much faster than that. Cub Swanson was ready to feel out Jose Aldo. Aldo was ready to knee Swanson's head off. The Brazilian zipped right across the cage, threw a flying knee that nailed Swanson in the eye just five seconds into the fight. The Californian went down in a heap signaling that he was done. Referee Steve Mazzagatti hesitated allowing Aldo to wallop Swanson with two more left hands. "The Stache" jumped into save Swanson just eight seconds into the fight. Aldo (15-1, 5-0 WEC) won his seventh straight fight and moves closer to a featherweight title shot against the winner of champ Mike Brown and Urijah Faber.

Listen here for the Yahoo!/ESPNRadio1100 live postfight show at Arco Arena from 1-2 a.m. ET.

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