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The biggest name in female fighting has often made a mockery of the MMA weight classes. Gina Carano has gotten a rash of crap for consistently missing weight and promotion then forcing opponents to fight at a newly established catch weight. Well, you can add Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos to the list of female fighters showing a lack of respect for the craft.

The fight was on shaky ground in the first place when Strikeforce booked Hitomi Akano to fight 10 pounds beyond her normal class of 135. Even with the huge advantage of having the fight at 145, Cyborg still missed that weight by seven pounds. Sherdog's Greg Savage reports that Akano and her manager said this isn't going to be another Carano situation:

“Gina [Carano] never makes weight, but they make everybody fight. It's not fair,” said Hirata. “I think it’s really about time that we have to set the precedent that you should really make the weight.”

Savage reports that Strikeforce offered to double Akano's pay by guaranteeing her win bonus and was going to lock her in for two more fights.

Outside of her manager, was there anyone actually concerned about Akano's safety is she did agree to this fight? Cyborg weighed-in at 152 at 2:30 p.m. PT. Cage Writer reported that Cyborg made the California State Athletic Commission's adjusted weight of 149.5 around 7 p.m. PT. But it's likely that re-hydrated, Cyborg would probably walk into the cage at 162-164 pounds. Akano cut no weight for this fight so she'd be giving away upwards of 20 pounds against possibly the most dangerous and vicious striker in female MMA. It would've been irresponsible and risky to force Hitomi to fight Cyborg.

Maybe this will eliminate any issues for a potential Carano-Cyborg fight in the future. There's no need to mess with a fight at 140 or 145 pounds. They'd both be more comfortable at 150 or 155. It's probably safer too since both seem to kill themselves to get into the 140's.

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